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Founded on Family

We would be amiss to not tell you our story. My father’s father was from PEI. He moved to Boston in the depression. He met my grandmother in a Maritime club down there. She was from Ship Harbour N.S. My father was born & raised in NY and my mother was from the smallest state Rhode Island.

My parents came to the Island in the early 70’s and bought 140 acres of wooded land in Uigg on the Dundee Road. They hauled a trailer up from the states with my older brother & sister. They had my other sister while they lived there. They searched for three years for a waterfront property and found this property for sale. It was owned by people from California. The community used it as a right of way to get to the beach. They built the Cape Cod family home in 1978 and I was born in the Spring of 79. In 1997 we cleared the center field of trees and landscaped at the shore and bought a 2 piece modular home and moved it down. We did another one in 1998. We moved another smaller cottage in as well and lived in it while the house was rented. I built myself a little house and now we have 4 cottages available for rent.   

When we were growing up we lived off the land. We had a large garden and we had chickens, goats, sheep and a cow. We had a windmill tower for power. Mom made homemade ice cream, and baked bread in the Enterprise cookstove. We put a lot of jam & berries away. I remember mom saying if we didn’t grow it we didn’t eat it. We had a cold room to keep things cool. We heated with wood. There was even hot water for the tub that came from circulated water from the cookstove.

My family ran a number of businesses through the years, but the one that always stayed strong through the years was the bicycle shop called MacQueen’s Bike Shop. That doubled up with bicycle tourism that my family did a lot of organizing here on PEI and as well as in Cuba for the last 25 years. My older brother & oldest sister live there for at least half the year and run organized bike tours there. My brother & his family return here every summer and he runs the bike shop here. My other sister has a spin & row studio at the bike shop. My mother & I reside at the family property and take care of the cottages. I lobster fish in the spring PEI lobster fishery in May & June and spend the summer looking after the cottages & grounds till the end of the renting season.

We look forward to meeting you and talking more. We know you’ll enjoy staying with us and we will ensure that you are well taken care of while you are here.